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Welsh Beaver Project Appeal

Since the start of the Welsh Beaver Project in 2005 a lot of the groundwork has been completed with welcome assistance and funding from the Welsh Government, but there is still lots more work to do before our goal is reached. We aim to reintroduce beavers to the wild in Wales within the next two years. In the upcoming months we need to: select and prepare reintroduction sites; provide comprehensive information to support licence applications; plan and undertake monitoring – including baseline surveys; train and equip volunteers; develop opportunities for education and recreation, as well as sourcing, checking and releasing the beavers.

We urgently require funding to get this project off the ground as no further funding is available from Welsh Government sources. The only funding is through the generosity of private organisations such as the People’s Postcode Lottery and individuals.

Your donations really will ensure the return of wild beavers to the Welsh countryside. Please give whatever you can afford!