In situations where the presence of beaver is inappropriate or the landowner wishes to control numbers on his property, removal by live trapping outside the breeding season is the most effective solution.

A Hancock Trap literally scoops beaver alive out of the water for relocation. [Sherri Tippie and Jerda Smeltzer]

Ideal for catching beaver unharmed are ‘suitcase traps’, such as Hancock live traps.   The trap looks like a large suitcase and will spring closed when activated.

It can be used in feeding areas and is baited with lures, such as poplar oil, fresh split aspen twigs or castoreum .

Once trapped, the beaver is held safely above the water surface

Beaver can be readily caught by such a trapping method, which has been extensively used in Europe for many years and are extremely effective.

Traps are set without the need for concealment and are designed to elevate the trapped animal above the water line to prevent drowning.

Dazzle Netting. Beaver are readily mesmerized into stillness by the beam of a head torch

Nocturnal capture using dazzle lights and hand nets is also easy, and perhaps the most effective method on land or water (see diagram below) but can be more time consuming and labour intensive.

Beaver capture on land and water