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The Main Report: An investigation into the feasibility of reintroducing European Beaver (Castor fiber) to Wales
Report of the Welsh Beaver Assessment Initiative   [PDF file – 4.23MB]


Summary version of the Main Report
Welsh Beaver Assessment Initiative – Summary Report (Welsh)  [PDF file – 3.9MB]
Welsh Beaver Assessment Initiative – Summary Report (English)  [PDF file – 3.9MB]


Ecological Feasibility Study by Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
The reintroduction of the Eurasian beaver Castor fiber to Wales: An ecological feasibility study [PDF file – 5.66MB]


Economic Impacts of the Beaver by University of Oxford WildCRU and Wild Britain Initiative
Economic impacts of the beaver  [PDF file – 3.75MB]


Welsh Beaver Project Leaflet
Wales Beaver Leaflet (English/Welsh)  [PDF file – 605KB]


Beavers and Dragonflies Poster
Beavers and Dragonflies Poster [PDF file – 64MB]


Devon Beaver Project – reports by Devon Wildlife Trust
Devon Beaver Project – The story so far (2013) [PDF file – 1.08MB]
Devon Beaver Project – Beavers Nature’s Engineers (2017) [PDF file – 1.95MB]


Hydrological Study by Exeter University
Eurasian beaver activity increases water storage, attenuates flow & mitigates pollution (Puttock et al. 2017) [PDF file – 3.14MB]


Ecological Study by Stirling University
Using ecosystem engineers as tools in habitat restoration & rewilding: beavers & wetlands (Law et al. 2017) [PDF file – 2.85MB]