Rewilding Podcasts

Newyddion / 21st Chwefror 2018

Student Harry Gray from Cardiff University has recently been investigating the subject of Rewilding. He has spoken to various experts on the subject and has converted these discussions into a series of podcasts as part of his Science Communication Project.

Harry summarises his work as, ‘the podcasts have been created as part of a science communication project which I saw as an opportunity to share my passion for British wildlife. My aim was to find out whether using podcasts, I could introduce the concept of Rewilding and convince listeners that we should actively encourage the return of wildlife to Wales. In order to generate feedback I have designed a questionnaire, the results of which will be used to determine whether my podcasts have been at all effective in influencing the attitudes of listeners.’

The Welsh Beaver Project met up with Harry to discuss the subject of beavers and you can find out more in the final podcast on beavers.

The podcast series starts with the first episode on Landscape Rewilding, followed by the second episode on Pine Martens and the final episode on Beavers.

Landscape Rewilding (Episode One)

Pine Martens (Episode Two)

Beavers (Final Episode)

We welcome your feedback and kindly ask if you can complete this questionnaire. It should only take 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.