Return of the Beaver!

Newyddion / 24th Hydref 2017

Return of the Beaver!

North Wales Wildlife Trust is excited to announce this year’s Lacey Lecture, ‘Return of the Beaver’, at Venue Cymru, Llandudno on Friday 17th November, 6.30pm to 9.30pm. A fascinating talk and video show by Peter Smith, beaver expert and Chief Executive for the Wildwood Trust, a partner of the Wildlife Trusts’ Welsh Beaver Project.

This is the 17th annual lecture held in memory of Professor William Lacey, founder of North Wales Wildlife Trust, and represents an ideal opportunity for guests to hear about an important conservation issue of the day.

Peter Smith, Wildwood Trust

Presenting a talk and slide show, ‘Return of the Beaver’, Peter Smith will take you on a magical exploration of these amazing creatures… explaining why this iconic animal has been lost from our Welsh countryside and what you can do to help bring them back. (Peter will also be taking a post-lecture Q&A session and giving guests an opportunity to chat directly with him during the break.)

You can also enjoy some refreshments, discover more about the amazing work of the Wildlife Trust around North Wales, and pick up a special wildlife Christmas gift from our visiting shop! All profits from this event go towards supporting the work of the North Wales Wildlife Trust.

The talk will be held at Venue Cymru, The Promenade, Llandudno, Conwy, LL30 1BB, on Friday 17th November. Doors open 6.30pm. Tickets are available now from the Venue Cymru booking office at £12.

The Welsh Beaver Project is working to reintroduce wild beavers (Castor fiber) back into the Welsh landscape. This work has been led by the Wildlife Trusts in Wales as part of their Living Landscapes strategy and is being delivered in partnership with other organisations.

Why reintroduce beavers to Wales? Beavers were once widespread across Wales, but due to hunting by man for their fur, meat and scent glands they became extinct around the Middle Ages. Work to re-establish beavers in Wales is taking place because of the important role they can play in enriching biodiversity and helping to restore and manage wetland areas.

Are there any problems associated with beavers? Beavers bring many benefits to wildlife and people. They have been successfully reintroduced in over 25 countries across Europe without major issues, but they can sometimes cause local problems that require management, such as dam construction in the wrong place, or the unwanted felling of trees. There are well-established simple solutions to these issues that can be undertaken at very low cost.

Where would beavers be released? Wales has abundant habitat to support beavers and we have identified many potential release sites. These include enclosed sites where beavers would be used to undertake targeted habitat management. We are currently focusing on potential release sites in the western parts of Wales but are also considering sites in North Wales including a reintroduction to the River Glaslyn and an enclosure at Big Pool Wood Nature Reserve to help with reserve management.

Iolo Williams, TV naturalist and ambassador for the North Wales Wildlife Trust supports the Welsh Beaver Project…


Frances Cattanach, Chief Executive Officer for North Wales Wildlife Trust says “’Return of the Beaver’ will be a great opportunity for you enjoy an entertaining evening, and understand why the reintroduction of beavers will make such a positive difference to the wildlife of Wales”.

Kate Gibbs, organiser of the Annual Lacey Lecture says “we are looking forward to welcoming everyone with an interest in beavers and the wildlife of North Wales in what promises to be the best Lacey Lecture yet.”

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