Precedence From Other Species

For obvious reasons, there has yet to be direct measurement of the nature tourism benefit of beaver in Wales or the UK.

However experience of the revenue generating capacity of other species is indicative of substantial potential.

For example, the Red Kite Centre in Wales attracted 33,000 visitors in 2004 and with an entry fee of £2.50 per adult [Reference Bereziat and Graham 2005].

Equally, the Osprey Centre at Loch Garten in Scotland attracted an average 33,600 visitors between 1998 and 2001, charging a fee of £3 [Reference Shiel et al 2002] .

In both instances, in addition to entrance fees there can be substantial revenue and employment derived from ancillary expenditure on accommodation, food, retail goods, transport etc.

Adding in such ancillary expenditure produced £430,000 of extra income for the local community in 2001 following successful breeding by the first pair of Osprey in the Lake District.